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Everyone Likes a Reboot, Right?

The first post of many to come on the all-new Parrot Earth.

I started the original Parrot Earth back in 2011 on a WordPress site. A famous blogger inspired me at the time, and to be honest; I wanted to get my hat into the ring. Honestly, it seems like so long ago, and my point of view on several items has changed, and there's the "with age comes wisdom" thing you hear mentioned here and there. That has helped me decipher the people/businesses who are trying to make money or if they are doing something beneficial for our birds. For the record, I say "our birds" because my husband, who is NOT a bird person, helps pay for the room and board of these feathered noisemakers, so in my mind, he also has a stake in their ownership, even though he would deny it.

You see, owning a parrot is not as easy as some of the influencers, bloggers, vloggers, etc. I am sure I am missing a few, but you get my point; make it out to be. It's messy, loud, and sometimes, you wonder, "just what in the hell did I get myself into." I am here to tell you that it can be a huge pain in the ass, but then again, aren't most things rewarding work? Owning a parrot is like owning a small toddler that can sometimes tell you what they want, but then again, when you don't get it right, they slam things, scream, toss food into your hair, and often bite. I have nieces and nephews, I know children often bite, but this is a different magnitude. Blood is generally involved; if not, then at least severe bruise of the skin and ego

What to expect from this whole new reboot?

I have some great friends and colleagues in the avian world, and we have some great content for you. Interviews, guest articles, and much more. The hope is Parrot Earth will eventually become something of its own and replace one of my favorite magazines that is no longer Bird Talk. With your help and support, I hope it does!

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In this world, social media is a necessary evil. Even all of my friends who swore they would never have a Facebook account have become proficient in sharing their entire life stories, even if it is just sharing pictures of their pets and occasionally sharing one of those "you will be guaranteed to change FB's algorithm by sharing this post." Since we are all in the same boat, why not like our stuff too?

This will be fun, and I can't wait to see where this new "reboot" journey takes us.

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