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The Izzy Equation

For those of us who know about our bird's mimicry abilities, especially the ones who will pick up any sound that comes in or is created in your home, there should be one thing we remember. They will eventually start mimicking the weirdest sounds.

Enter Izzy. About fourteen years ago, I started dating my husband. Along with him came two cats. Keagan and Sadie. They were older cats and, to be quite frank, gave zero shits about the birds. I mean, zero. Which was a fantastic gift, especially for someone who devoted everything to the parrots and their quality of life. As time passed, Keagan lived to age 25; last year, Sadie was 17. Sadie was the Switzerland of the house, and everyone in our home loved her. Sometimes you don't realize what you have until it's gone.

We decided to get a kitten months ago and thought it would be an easy transition into our home. I did tons of research and decided if we would get the kitten, we would need short hair and something

with some personality and some loveable traits. Enter Izzy. Short for Izadora. She is a Blue Lynx Siamese and Scottish Straight mix. She was looking for a new home, and I took it that the universe happened to help nudge the process. Let's say it's been a process.

For the record, I also want to add that I am writing very early in the morning, and Izzy is responsible for most of my house awake. It should also be said you may hear a tone in this blog post, and if you do, good ear because there is one.

It has been a LONG time since I owned a kitten. I believe it was seven or eight years old. I am not a fan of cats generally, but there was something about this gorgeous little being. So adorable, so innocent. Or so I thought. Izzy has been given toys, scratching posts, a giant cat tree condo, and many toys. She plays with the dogs and likes to track and stalk our Doberman, Sampson. Sampson has taken to not going around corners in the dark because he knows she is ready to pounce on him. And she does.

Our darling Izzy has also gone into heat three times in the past three months. We have an appointment to have her spayed, but in the meantime, we must live with the yowling at all-night hours, constant bursts of energy, and cuddling at our feet or presenting herself. Let's say I am at the point where I want her not to have to deal with the frustration she is experiencing. Izzy also has zero ideas about what is happening to her. It's not like I can sit down with her and tell her, "this is what is happening to your body, and this is why you are acting like a panther with homicidal ideations."

Did I mention the parrots are doing the guttural cat in heat meow? Yeah, that's been fun!

You might be asking yourself a question since you are reading this on a primarily 'parrot blog" what about the parrots and your little huntress? Well, two of our parrots, Dexter and Cleo, who lived with our other two cats, honestly don't pay much mind to Miss Izzy. However, Nika, our newest addition, has not been around cats and doesn't know what she is. Nika also doesn't like to be stared at, like a piece of bacon on a Sunday morning. As some of you know, African Greys have what is called the "grey growl," and you can hear it anytime Nika is near the door. For the record, Nika is not allowed into the bird room; she sits in the hallway waiting to go into the wardrobe and explore Narnia. I am unclear on why, or more importantly, how cats will not only sense when you are entering a space they are not allowed, but the ability to appear at just the right moment when you enter said space. It's creepy, and I know why people fear cats and think they are evil. I wonder if she is sitting in a dark corner, watching me type and sharing her secrets. Pondering my demise because I have said too much. I want it known; it is her fault if anything happens to me.

We are currently looking for new methods of training for a cat. I am going to put a call into a trainer friend of mine, Lara Joseph. I hate to name-drop, but she's a great trainer, and I hope she might have some ideas of how to work with Izzy so it doesn't end up like a gunfight at the O-K Corral. There has to be something we can do. In the meantime, we ordered a PVC gate for the bird room doorway to keep cats out of rooms.

When I know more, I will write a review for those parrot owners or pet owners who need to keep certain doorways secure.

Until then, I am open to suggestions if you have any tips on cats and training.

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